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Gazpacho Memories

The humidity of this current summer has called for some cool creative cooking or uncooking as the case may be. I have lived off salad greens with homemade dressings, smoothies, and gazpacho.
This last batch of gazpacho took me back East to my days in Boston. The summers I spent there weren’t unbearable, but I would […]

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New Year’s First Course

I spent the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 house sitting. I had the luxury use of a Wolf range. It is gorgeous. I didn’t have the time to use it to its fullest capabilities, but here is a little tasting of the amazing array of food from New Year’s Eve. I was still […]

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Pureed Soups

I know most of my recipes don’t have complete measurements. I just toss things together and I estimate quantity for recipes later…if I remember to write it down. So bear with me as I struggle to measure while concocting. Soups aren’t a science, there’s personal preference for thickness, smoothness, dimension and flavor. Play with your […]

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Autumn Dryness

I anxiously scan the trees for color changes from the airplane window on the descent into Chicago. Days prior to leaving town, I noticed a few deep red leaves appear along the Skokie Swift L ride. Would I miss the last blast of energetic color? I sighed. I saw significant dryness in the trees and […]

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running with tweezers

there’s a little soup challenge happening at running with tweezers.and, as is my habit, i haven’t written any creations down. For this light chowder, i just had to wing it.

Millet Chowder (gluten and dairy free)

1 medium red bell pepper
3/4 cup green beans
½ cup vidalia onion
½ cup celery root
1/2 cup of millet (uncooked)
fresh […]

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Loosely defined recipes

For $3.77 I was able to buy enough (non-organic) veggies for a salad. I know, I should be in rhythm with the earth, but when it is an amazing 80+ degree day in September, I am making salad!Testosterone anyone? brassicas and beans are beneficial for testosterone (photo and beans from […]

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