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Another year is closing, more vistas to come.
I don’t have resolutions. After 17 years of saying I am going to get my couch reupholstered, after 8 years of saying I am going to get my Van Gogh prints matted and framed, after 2 years of saying I am going to […]

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Authentic Holiday Gatherings

Not since the mid-90s have I spent Christmas with friends. Not to dismiss quality time with family over the other years, but my favorite holiday memories have been with my friends. Potluck dinners, everyone happy and wanting to be together, curling up with hot drinks and sharing ideas. This year we were a small group […]

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Chilis Are Not Created Equal

Once the morning sun disappears, the afternoon brings an icy biting wind. We need to warm up our internal system to guard against the onslaught of the Midwest weather. It is definitely chili weather in Chicago.
Outside of my mom’s and my own chili and the Heartland Café a couple times, I really haven’t taste-tested chili. […]

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Around the Corner

You won’t have to look at the 2007 newsletter review from Surfacing Wellness & Health, here is the opening page thoughts.I don’t know about you but I am clamoring to fill the last weeks of December with family, errands, social activities and work. 2007 is nearly over.
As I put my review together, I have been […]

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Prebiotics, Probiotics, Antibiotics

This was supposed to be in my December newsletter, but it didn’t fit. I did get it in the 2007 review newsletter which will be available next week on my website.Our intestines contain communities of microbes—good and bad. Pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi grow to claim more territory from L. Acidophilus and other beneficial bacteria. […]

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