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Research: Autumn births and asthma connection

A recent study out of the Asthma Research at Vanderbilt University states babies born in autumn months – 4 months preceding the peak cold and flu season – are more likely to develop asthma. Genetics predispose the development of asthma, but environmental exposure to viruses may activate the genes.
Autumn, Metal element season in Chinese Medicine, […]

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Vision vs. Execution

Babies! A friend had her first baby last week. I got the honor of participating in the early part of the process. I needled acupuncture points to begin labor. I get so excited being part of the team that welcomes a new soul into the world.
My baby shower gift is providing food for mom, dad […]

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Fit Day or Not

A friend is clocking her calories and exercise at I decided to give it a try. I have slowly been gaining weight over the last few years; there are many possible or combination of reasons. Could be slowing metabolism, could be reduced exercise, could be increased stress/cortisol levels, and could be a shift in […]

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