Mushroom Soup

I made another quick soup while I was housesitting:

Mushroom Medley

It wasn’t photo worthy – looked a little grey lavender and that just didn’t look appealing no matter what bowl I used.

I picked up some fresh sage and whatever mushrooms Stanley’s had which were about large portabellos (5 of them), a small container of white buttons, and a small container of shiitakes.

I cleaned, de-stemmed, diced, and sautéed those in a saucepan with olive oil, a little garlic, diced onion and a splash of port. I didn’t have any broth so I figured what’s a better use for white wine! So in went nearly an entire bottle. I did add a couple cups of water, a dash of salt and pepper, and lots of fresh sage. I pureed it all in the blender and poured it back into the saucepan to simmer for an hour.

Friends came over to enjoy the housesitting digs – fireplace, wine and a movie. We ate like royalty. They made a lobster dip for an appetizer – it was amazing. The soup was served with some fresh rosemary sautéed greens and bacon-wrapped filet medallions.

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