Another year is closing, more vistas to come.

I don’t have resolutions. After 17 years of saying I am going to get my couch reupholstered, after 8 years of saying I am going to get my Van Gogh prints matted and framed, after 2 years of saying I am going to meet my next and final man; I just take things day by day.

Really all we need to know is if you are 100% in yourself or being your true self, you cannot go wrong. But when you break that statement down, others’ reactions and complexes and your own stuff influence you every day, it’s not that easy.

This last month I released a few obligations which didn’t resonate with me, but those obligations had a purpose at the time. I feel free-r and more focused and excited. I didn’t realize how weighted down I was nor did I realize at what point they began to have that effect.

I anticipate much happening in the next 4 months. I’ve had some epiphanies, in my sleep, about shifting current things. (Sleep is my work time too.) I have several continuing education courses coming up, all of which are integral to niche-ing my practice. (This is a necessity where we are three independent acupuncturists in one location!) All these things completely resonate with the true me.

I am getting reacquainted with aspects of me that I left by the wayside while focusing on other things that seemed more crucial. Other than attaining basic needs, I have no idea what could have been more crucial than being myself.

Here’s some a little diddy that I wrote 10 years ago (also resoluted I’d make it a book), at a point I was pretty much truly me. It’s a little silly but it’s still me. Here goes:

I wish Bliss

I wish I moved to the beat

of a drum


Made my own music

Made people dance through the fields of life

with me

I wish I swayed with the wind


Sunbeams shown through the palms

of my hands

Dive into life


Breathe the water

Taste the air


Suck the sky

Color the black holes


Brighten the dark side

Find the happiness


Bask in the lightness of me

Touch the earth sky water everyone and me

at once


Laugh all the while

Run barefoot through this life to the next


Run so fast I live both lives at once

Run my toes through my hair

My body through the grass

Stretch in the knowledge of






copyright 1998 lisoleil

My wish for you is be truly you and celebrate that this New Year’s eve!

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