Healing Services for Kids


“Healing…is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.”
~W.H. Auden

Nature-Based Whole Healing System for Children and Animals

Healing happens at multiple levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many healing modalities look only at one aspect of healing, but when you want to create balance, it’s important to nurture the innate healing capacity at all levels.

After more than a decade of experience in the healing arts, I have created a system of healing that taps into each person’s innate ability to heal on all levels, to create balance.

My multi-faceted system of therapies is based on ancient science, nature therapy and energy medicine. It is a blending of practical with metaphysical approaches, all of which have been shown to provide significant benefits alone – and together, create a transformational healing experience.

“Children instantly and familiarly accept rejoicing and happiness because that is their natural element.”
~Victor Hugo

Children Have A Tremendous Ability To Heal Quickly

When kids work on all of these different levels, their healing process is faster. Children more readily connect to their creativity and happiness, allowing them to become more receptive to the constant change they experience in life.

We’ve often been told that children have a connection to their intuition that most of us have forgotten growing up. In fact, many of us spend our adulthood searching for that childlike joy and creativity. We work with our “inner child” to heal.

What was it that took us so far away from this part of ourselves? Where did we lose our connection?

My nature-based healing program grounds children in their connection to who they really are. There is no need to forget…no need to search for a way back. Healing happens when this connection is strengthened. Children come back into their bodies and learn to balance their minds to support their health and healing.

When children “come out of their bodies” energetically, imbalance occurs…

Children come out of their bodies from things that affect their body, mind or spirit. You can think of this as a way to “escape the body” or suffering that may make them feel unsafe or unwell. On the practical side, we are seeing this through a rise in food issues, like allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. Yet we also see imbalance from emotional or spiritual trauma or loss.

Why Healing May Take More Today and How to Change The Pattern

Our current medical model of going to the doctor to fix it can be life-saving, but as childhood disorders continue to rise, we are facing new challenges that doctors can’t “cure.” While doctors work at the physical level, there is a growing need for therapies at the mental, emotional and spiritual level – and in my experience, combining the best of these therapies has incredible benefits.

While we may try to go it alone in our healing journey, our culture has over-emphasized left-brain thinking: goals, electronics/computers, productivity, activity…and at the same time, we are spending more time indoors. Everyone can agree that we are busier and more stressed than ever…and often, the world feels like an unsafe place.

When kids get back into their bodies, they are more integrated, working as a whole. They experience more harmony within the body, mind and spirit. When the body is in harmony, it can then correct itself. This is a natural process that once learned, can be practiced successfully for a lifetime.


How the Nature-Based Whole Healing System Works

I work with a small group of kids (between 5 – 7 children) so that each child receives special attention. The modalities I use are:

  • Multi-Faceted Art Therapy – Research has shown that art therapies like writing, poetry, music and creative expression help to relive the emotional, mental and physical stress that creates health conditions. Each type of art has a different method of expression, which builds awareness and opens dialog by understanding symbolism in the work.

    In my art therapy modalities, I use my background in depth psychology to bring things that are buried deep inside to the surface. This makes people feel safe to express the depth of how they are feeling.

    Many people are afraid to express deep feelings. With these modalities, they realize that they no longer need to hide. They become more courageous and comfortable to express who they really are.

    • Sound Healing – Science has shown us that sounds have vibrations and studies have shown improvements in human health and plant health with music therapy. Each person has a specific personal musical tone. There are also tones for each element in Chinese medicine and each chakra (center of spiritual energy). In essence, a tone is energy that carries a vibration. The tones balance disharmony in the body.
    • Music – Children learn to make music with natural elements and craft small instruments to work with sound, rhythm and expression. Being able to create your own rhythm is therapeutic and helps them find what their own rhythm is instead of struggling to fit into someone else’s pace. Kids benefit from the calming experience of honoring their own natural pace.
    • Mandalas – Mandalas are geometric patterns intended to symbolize the universe and the concept of oneness. They have been used as meditation and healing aids in cultures all over the world. Fear and feelings of being unsafe often stem from the idea of that we are separate beings. Mandala therapy brings a feeling of interconnectedness and wholeness.
    • Words, Poetry and Writing – As children use words, poetry and writing, they begin to build awareness about where they are. From this place, we can work to identify what is happening and how to resolve it. Children learn their own patterns, creating an expression, rhythm and cadence that works for them.

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”
~Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus

  • Nature – The five elements in Chinese medicine (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) are elements of nature that help us heal. In my nature therapy work, I use the 5 elements to help kids expand their awareness of life, important aspects of themselves and how they can use the energy of a each element to help balance themselves.

    As children become aware of their relationship with nature, they become more observant, calm, kind and more grounded. They seem to start “seeing” that life is magical, safe and joyful.

    Gardening therapy may be incorporated as a way for them to participate in nature. They learn to see how nature works, the pace of creation, and the rhythm of how things grow. They become very proud that they have grown something that they can eat, share with someone or give away.

  • Breathing – Many people learn to breathe in a very shallow way that does not oxygenate their bodies. This can create stagnation. Learning to breathe fully and properly allows children to create calm and improve energy and focus.
  • Movement – Builds awareness of their bodies and how they move. This gives them more flexibility and ability to understand what their body can do. Through their patterns of movement, we can spot and resolve imbalances.
  • Qigong – This form of Chinese medicine was created for mental and physical healing. Qigong is a form of energy work that allows children to cultivate more energy, ground themselves and create harmony.
  • Coping, Protective, Grounding Techniques – Kids are often unable to put words around what’s going on with them. I teach them coping techniques and stress management strategies to deal with whatever they are facing: depression, insecurity, fear, taking on other people’s stuff, etc. They learn how to thrive in life.

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