My Approach

headshotA holistic approach for healing on all levels…

My approach is holistic because healing happens on many levels and dimensions. You a complex being who has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Some approaches do well in one area, but miss key components in other areas that could be limiting your progress.

I take into account all areas. The most critical step is to bring you back into your body. This is where my healing approach begins.

All healing is actually energy healing…

When you become imbalanced, there is a scattering of chi, or energy. This often starts at the heart level and as it progresses, energy begins to move counter to your body’s natural rhythm and needs. My specialty is to bring your energy back into balance, moving in the direction that supports wellness.

We are all part of the same consciousness. My work in acupuncture and Chinese medicine underscores the power of unblocking stuck energy for healing. This same power is available when working remotely, which makes phone sessions an excellent option for those who have a busy schedule, want to avoid the hassles of a commute or would like to act as a proxy for a child or infirm adult.

Why nature therapy is the most powerful, yet often forgotten healing approach…

One of the most important, yet forgotten, healing approach is right outside your door: nature. This sounds too simple, yet studies show that the earth has an electromagnetic field with the power to bring us back into homeostasis or balance. At one point, we humans lived on the ground and off the land. We had a strong connection to nature and we spent most of our time with our feet on the ground and hands in the earth. From this, we received the balance of the earth’s electromagnetic field and we also received important soil organisms that helped keep our bodies strong. These are things science is just beginning to uncover.

I have created a unique healing program that incorporates the healing power of nature as part of a holistic approach to wellness. While this creates transformation in everyone, it is especially powerful for children and animals.

Healing has its own language…working with kids and animals

Your body, spirit and emotions have their own language. They speak in symptoms you experience and often, there are no words that can uncover them. In my work in art therapy and Chinese medicine, I have learned to sense energy blocks so that no language is needed. This ability to sense has allowed me to work successfully with children, particularly special needs kids who are not able to communicate their needs.

Similarly, my ability to sense energy blocks has enabled me to work successfully with animals. What I’ve learned is that there is a whole level of communication happening beyond words and it is this communication in which I excel.

I believe in your power to heal…

Doctors have long found that a person’s belief in his or her ability to heal is the most critical aspect to achieving health, from even the most dire of cases. But sometimes it’s hard to believe…if you tried it all, you may feel skeptical that anything new could actually help.

When we work together, we work as a team with a shared goal of your wellness. Many times, in order to achieve any goal, all it takes is one person in the team who has an unshakable belief in your success. I have an unshakable confidence in your ability to heal and I look forward to walking beside you in your healing journey.

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