Expert Working with Autism Spectrum Disorders

I first met Lisa when I asked her to do energy work for my son who was recovering from autism. It’s hard to put her absolute amazingness, and what she has done for my son, myself and my husband into words. Her connection with my son was immediate, and although he couldn’t sit still in his first session, the calming effects of Lisa’s work lasted for days after.

As we got closer with Lisa, and she worked more with my son, she was able to pinpoint exactly what was bothering him energetically and what exact foods and exercises I could do to help ground him and help him continue to heal.

My own energy sessions with her have relaxed me, grounded me and helped me to heal my own emotional stress.

When we moved to California, I was a little freaked out that I wouldn’t find another healer who is as good for our family. But not to worry. Lisa helped me overcome a kidney infection in less than 12 hours by telling me (over the phone) the root cause of it, sending me distance energy healing and recommending herbs.

Lisa performs distance energy work on my son every night, and I know so because he tells me. He can feel it and he continues to get more grounded and well.

I can feel it too. Lisa is the most grounded and in-tune person I know. She works best with children, especially those on the autism spectrum or with very open energies. She has a natural gift to help ground and de-stress anyone in her presence, and to help you find foods, herbs and exercises that you can use to feel well on your own.

~Gina LaVerde

Able to Work on the Most Challenging Cases

I’ve relied on Lisa’s healing gifts both professionally and personally. As a yoga therapist I’ve brought Lisa in to work with me on my most difficult cases; a young woman with Downe’s syndrome, a middle-age man recovering from Lymphoma and struggling with disorientation, basically anyone that I need additional grounding support with in order to affect change. Lisa is a rock! As a healer, she is able to establish a connection to a deep, calming, grounding source. She works from the bottom up, so to speak, because she is able to draw from that place of solidness to the more ethereal levels of energy that feed it and somehow put it all in better, more vibrant order. She is able to refer to her in-depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine and herbs to more clearly understand root causes of energy blocks and very comprehensively work to achieve the highest place of balance for her clients. Personally, I’ve leaned on Lisa to help me stay balanced and grounded and to pinpoint where my weaknesses are and what to add to my diet or treatment protocol. I find her very presence to be calming and grounding for me and her steady bedside manner refreshing. She’s not one to brag or chat abouther unique gifts, she just calmly, quietly does the work and you walk away feeling better.

~Ann McGinley

Feel More Grounded with Energy Medicine

I have been treated by Lisa for about 7 years now. I have sought treatment for a number of things including allergies, muscle pain, headaches, common colds, and many other issues. Lisa is an incredibly confident acupuncturist and I feel safe in her hands. Her intuition never fails to surprise me, neither does her accurate diagnosis. I do not hesitate to recommend her to my friends or clients. They have found her treatments incredibly effective as well.

Not only is she a talented acupuncturist, she is also incredibly skilled in energy work! On those days when I feel I simply need to be more grounded, she works her magic and I leave feeling great!

After my appointments with Lisa, I always feel a million times better than when I walked in the door. Her recommendations are always very helpful, whether nutrition, herbal, or mind-body techniques. I have an increased energy level and my immune system is rock solid! I very, very rarely get sick!

I always look forward to my appointments with Lisa because not only are they therapeutic, my treatments are also very relaxing.

~Elizabeth Kennedy