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One for the kids

I am asked more frequently about acupuncture for children. Yes, acupuncture is beneficial for kids. They haven’t had years to develop an imbalance and they shift rapidly with just a needle or two inserted and quickly removed.

If you had inhibitions about your first needling experience think about a child’s reaction! And many won’t sit or lie still for even a brief treatment. Much of the work that I do with children utilizes nutrition with the parents, energywork, acupressure, possibly herbal formulas and essential oils, or if they are old enough teaching children techniques to help themselves.

This workbook, My Helpful Healing Touch, A Guide for Empowering Children found its way into my office yesterday and I had to share it. It is a great introduction for adults that want basic information on energywork, but it was created to teach children tools to help themselves.

Children have a natural tendency to touch and I think they intuitively know it is healing. I sometimes work on parents whose children will come over and mirror the work that I am doing on either their parent or a toy. They get it. Some children will mimic each movement or touch on me that I am using on them. A little bit of Simon Says can be a good way to take the edge off of a new situation.

Helpful Healing Touch explains simply and eloquently energy and its flow, sensitivity, energy fields, chakras, feelings, love, breathing, meditation, mandalas, intuition, positive thoughts, and more. I was giggling through the book because this is the majority of the essential techniques I utilize with children and, yes, with you big kids too.

You can order it for the kid in you or the kids in your life!

Cultured veggies

On a whim a couple months ago, I decided to offer a class on fermented foods. Of all the topics I could speak on from stress reduction, energy work, positive thinking, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, essential oils…you get the picture…I chose the most obscure topic.

It has turned out to be the best topic as well. I love to offer classes that supply tools so participants can maintain their own healing process. Culturing vegetables may seem a little out there but they are medicinally healing, easy to make, and with a little creativity a lot of fun in the kitchen.

Since offering several classes, people have given testimonials on their success incorporating the cultured veggies into their meals or supplement regime.

A woman in her early-thirties with an exacerbation of a chronic skin condition ate 2 tsp of the carrot ginger cultured veggies for 5 days. Her skin calmed down and her constipation disappeared. She was out of town and without her veggies and the condition returned at a less severe level. She is back taking the veggies and everything has balanced out.

Another woman in her early-thirties is experiencing an intense detox reaction of nausea and has needed to reduce her intake of cultured veggies and coconut kefir, but has noticed a reduction in the lymph swelling she has suffered from for years.

A three year old boy had a healing crisis of a very phlegmy cold as we are in the process of re-establishing his gut microflora. His will be a journey that I will be very excited to witness.

Others have no cravings for sweets or wine. I can attest to the effects of cultured veggies on cravings and on regulating bowel function. I was shocked I had no interest in a glass of wine, I couldn’t even force it down. The addition of coconut kefir and cultured veggies has helped in reducing my stress level, assimilate nutrients and improve digestion, maintain a rock solid immune system, and maintain weight.

How does a fermented vegetable do all this? You can learn about it at my class!

Saturday, November 6  at 4 pm (until about 5:30pm)

Elemental Health 2225 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL

$50 Go home with recipes, starter liquid for kefir, and exactly what you need to feel better. Pre-registration is required to hold your space. Please register online or at the office by November 3.

Cultured veggies will be available for purchase

$40 for a 4 pt variety pack or $19 per individual quart

Red Blendtec HP3A