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Soup Challenge update

Here is the link for the Soup Challenge on Running with Tweezers: get to see all 54 entries.I have to admit I have been in a creative rut this last year cooking within the parameters of a client’s focused diet. Viewing the 54 entries into this competition is providing me with a necessary creative […]

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running with tweezers

there’s a little soup challenge happening at running with tweezers.and, as is my habit, i haven’t written any creations down. For this light chowder, i just had to wing it.

Millet Chowder (gluten and dairy free)

1 medium red bell pepper
3/4 cup green beans
½ cup vidalia onion
½ cup celery root
1/2 cup of millet (uncooked)
fresh […]

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First, you should know I really am not a lengthy talkative person. I process internally or unconsciously, provide the short verbal statement and leave at that. In actuality instead of the pages that follow, I would just write:
I realized what my desire for this holiday and struggle to achieve my trip to Italy symbolized for […]

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Friends are great, aren’t they?

That was my thought for the evening. Despite humidity that just won’t go away, I made hot tea. Not just any tea, but the green tea anemone. The anemone is the performance artist of green tea. Several leaves are bound together. Dry, it is a tight ball of tea leaves. Toss it into hot water […]

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Loosely defined recipes

For $3.77 I was able to buy enough (non-organic) veggies for a salad. I know, I should be in rhythm with the earth, but when it is an amazing 80+ degree day in September, I am making salad!Testosterone anyone? brassicas and beans are beneficial for testosterone (photo and beans from […]

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tis the first

Woohoo, we’ve got Trebuchet font! Matches my website. It’s the little things that make life go round.I’ve been wondering how, how should i get my information out there. I don’t talk much, I don’t journal much but maybe a weekly blog will keep my mental creative juices flowing. A new years resolution in September. It […]

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