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New Year’s First Course

I spent the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 house sitting. I had the luxury use of a Wolf range. It is gorgeous. I didn’t have the time to use it to its fullest capabilities, but here is a little tasting of the amazing array of food from New Year’s Eve. I was still […]

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Authentic Holiday Gatherings

Not since the mid-90s have I spent Christmas with friends. Not to dismiss quality time with family over the other years, but my favorite holiday memories have been with my friends. Potluck dinners, everyone happy and wanting to be together, curling up with hot drinks and sharing ideas. This year we were a small group […]

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Autumn Dryness

I anxiously scan the trees for color changes from the airplane window on the descent into Chicago. Days prior to leaving town, I noticed a few deep red leaves appear along the Skokie Swift L ride. Would I miss the last blast of energetic color? I sighed. I saw significant dryness in the trees and […]

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First, you should know I really am not a lengthy talkative person. I process internally or unconsciously, provide the short verbal statement and leave at that. In actuality instead of the pages that follow, I would just write:
I realized what my desire for this holiday and struggle to achieve my trip to Italy symbolized for […]

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