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Wintery Stew

To use up the last of some vegetables, I made this savory Winter stew.

Cauliflower is packed with vitamin C
Mushrooms are great for the immune system
Pungency of leek and spices aid in throwing off early cold symptoms
Greens are packed with vitamin K, A, and C folate, and calcium
Garbanzo beans lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar
Cauliflower, greens […]

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New Year’s First Course

I spent the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 house sitting. I had the luxury use of a Wolf range. It is gorgeous. I didn’t have the time to use it to its fullest capabilities, but here is a little tasting of the amazing array of food from New Year’s Eve. I was still […]

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Third Week of Food Delivery

My computer was getting de-virused two weeks ago so I didn’t post the recipes. And last week I was recuperating from my own virus so I didn’t want to infect my friends by delivering food. So here what I made last time.
I barely remember the proportions of ingredients since these were from two weeks […]

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Second Week of Food Delivery

I didn’t cook for my friends last week since they were being thankful with and fed by family and friends for the holiday.
I stated at the end of the last entry what I would be cooking this time and my ideas changed some. I was watching the grey windy sky and all I wanted was […]

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Vision vs. Execution

Babies! A friend had her first baby last week. I got the honor of participating in the early part of the process. I needled acupuncture points to begin labor. I get so excited being part of the team that welcomes a new soul into the world.
My baby shower gift is providing food for mom, dad […]

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Savory Corn Muffins

These muffins were eaten so quickly, I have no photo!Since I work weekends, making muffins and getting to a Labor Day weekend party made a packed day for me but also a fun one. Friends famous for their secret BBQ recipe hosted a party on the patio. I decided corn muffins would be a great […]

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Thanksgiving Recipes

Just for the heck of it, I made a fully gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner a couple years ago. No guest had any food sensitivities and all thought it was a little odd I made this meal for them. It was purely for myself – proving it could be done and be incredibly edible. Of course I […]

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running with tweezers

there’s a little soup challenge happening at running with tweezers.and, as is my habit, i haven’t written any creations down. For this light chowder, i just had to wing it.

Millet Chowder (gluten and dairy free)

1 medium red bell pepper
3/4 cup green beans
½ cup vidalia onion
½ cup celery root
1/2 cup of millet (uncooked)
fresh […]

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First, you should know I really am not a lengthy talkative person. I process internally or unconsciously, provide the short verbal statement and leave at that. In actuality instead of the pages that follow, I would just write:
I realized what my desire for this holiday and struggle to achieve my trip to Italy symbolized for […]

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