Wintery Stew

To use up the last of some vegetables, I made this savory Winter stew. Cauliflower is packed with vitamin C Mushrooms are great for the immune system Pungency of leek and spices aid in throwing off early cold symptoms Greens are packed with vitamin K, A, and C folate, and calcium Garbanzo beans lower cholesterol[…]

Squash Blossoms

The squash blossoms I picked up from the farmer’s market Thursday were on my mind when I went out for Italian last night. I didn’t want to batter and fry them and I didn’t want to make a summer soup. I decided the flat, square homemade noodles that accompanied the abundance of everything else would[…]

Autumn Classes! Fermented Foods in the Kitchen

What have you been looking for? An easy detox, improved digestion, more stable mood, greater energy? Join me in the kitchen and I will teach you how to accomplish this and more! Kefir is chock full of probiotics-all the good bacteria your digestive tract needs. Much of your immune system and serotonin production is housed[…]

By Land or By Sea, Green Superfoods

Over the last couple months I wrote about a variety of superfoods. Nuts, seeds, berries, and now green stuff that is nutrient-dense for their tiny size. We’ve got nutritious green stuff that we find in the garden and not as familiar green stuff from the water’s depths. For the landlovers, we’ve got your grasses-alfalfa, barley,[…]

Food, Inc.

The movie’s buzz was loud in the vegan, raw, macrobiotic communities months before it released nationwide. Links for Food Inc. were constantly popping up on my Facebook page from friends, practitioners, chefs, green activists, journalists, and businesses. If you’ve read or heard excerpts or synopses as I have of Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma, you will[…]

Vegetables Don’t Taste Good!

Excuse Me! During my slow and transitioning month of May, I turned on daytime tv. I came across an infomercial with Montel Williams. Did you know he promotes a juicer/blender? And every person who hates vegetables came to the taping? I was appalled. I am the most adamantly against the in-your-face “do this or you’ll[…]

Second Week of Food Delivery

I didn’t cook for my friends last week since they were being thankful with and fed by family and friends for the holiday. I stated at the end of the last entry what I would be cooking this time and my ideas changed some. I was watching the grey windy sky and all I wanted[…]

Authentic Holiday Gatherings

Not since the mid-90s have I spent Christmas with friends. Not to dismiss quality time with family over the other years, but my favorite holiday memories have been with my friends. Potluck dinners, everyone happy and wanting to be together, curling up with hot drinks and sharing ideas. This year we were a small group[…]