Vegetables Don’t Taste Good!

Excuse Me!

During my slow and transitioning month of May, I turned on daytime tv. I came across an infomercial with Montel Williams. Did you know he promotes a juicer/blender? And every person who hates vegetables came to the taping? I was appalled.

I am the most adamantly against the in-your-face “do this or you’ll miss your chance” promotion techniques. Or in this case, this is the only way a vegetable will ever be palatable. This could be why I have a moderate practice; I am the first to admit I am the worst promoter of my services. I am a “here I am, this is what I do, if you are ready and we mesh, you will come; if not, you are meant to go another way” nonviolent promoter. So, to hear that no one likes the taste of vegetables and maybe people eat 1 to 5 servings PER WEEK and maybe that is just the lettuce and tomato on their sandwich, I wanted to just shut off the tv. Well, I did. I questioned why I am even in this profession. Why am I writing about dandelion greens and collards and kale if no one wants to ingest the more benign flavored carrots, cauliflower or broccoli.

The easiest way to improve your overall health is to increase consumption of “real food” – food our grandparents ate – not the new food – processed, packaged, soy or wheat gluten products (literally NON foods). Specifically increasing the daily intake of vegetables and omega 3 oils will have an impact on your life within a few months of the switch (this is the most in-your-face I will get). According to national standards we should be consuming about 5 servings each day or 5 cups of vegetables. I’ve had the recent opportunity to observe the carb-heavy diets of my generation and know why they are drinking coffee, fiber drinks and eating fiber bars and looking to doctors for prescriptions for abdominal discomfort!

Then I caught a glimpse of my t-shirt “eat more greens”; remembered that I have some distant facebook friends who are raw foodists; and remembered that a previous roommate recently said she’s loved kale since I introduced it to her and she converted her boyfriend. My nonviolent promotion has been effective and others out there must be eating these vegetables. The only saving grace of Montel’s shock-lisa-infomercial was that everyone miraculously loved juiced and blended vegetable by the end of the taping. Whew! Another happy ending in Hollywood.

2 thoughts on “Vegetables Don’t Taste Good!

  • Lisa, I started eating collards and kale and LOVE it! I smuggle it into almost every meal we eat and nobody said anything bad about it. I think they thought it was Spinach or something. Will try the dandelion greens next time!

  • YAY! a convert. i don't know if i have the seaweed slaw recipe on here anywhere but i julienne raw collards, and add it to some arame, hot chili pepper sauce and mayo and other veg…it's tasty.

    dandelion greens will be more bitter than either collards or kale, but i love them!

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