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Clear Your Sinuses Now

This is for you or your children. It works!

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Acupuncture at Centered on North

You can schedule acupuncture with me at Centered on North in Old Town on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Pilates studio is located on the southwest corner of North Ave and Hudson Ave. There is parking on both streets and it is just 2 blocks from the Sedgwick Brown line CTA station.
Ring the doorbell, leave your shoes […]

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The Process of Healing

There is a process to healing. I can’t even count the number of new patients who were disappointed that I could not fix their condition in one treatment. A pill can’t fix it. A needle can’t fix it. A team effort starting with and including the patient all the way through can begin to fix […]

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Cups, Spoons, Needles

  What method of healing uses these as tools? Chinese Medicine does.
Cupping, a technique using suction, draws deeply held stagnation of blood, lymph and toxins to the surface of the skin. I use this for sore and strained muscles, painful periods, deep coughs, seasonal allergies, and early stage cold symptoms.
Cups come in a variety of styles. […]

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Restart with the Chinese New Year

If you want a re-do on New Year’s resolutions start February 3 with the Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit. We know the Rabbit is gentler than last year’s Tiger; it’s a year to catch your breath and calm your nerves.
Support and cleanse your liver and calm the sleep issues that accompany […]

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Herbal Tea Class

[ March 9, 2011; 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm. 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm. 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm. 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm. ]
Learn how the tea you already drink helps your body and energy
Learn how to choose teas, tisanes and combinations to treat a variety of symptoms
We will focus mainly on Chinese medicinal herbal traditions

Elemental Health                    2225 W. North Ave                         […]

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Coconut Kefir Class

[ March 6, 2011; 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. ] Learn the basics of making coconut kefir and how to use to create other drinks

Kefir is chock full of probiotics-all the good bacteria your digestive tract needs. Much of your immune system and serotonin production is housed in your gut. Reestablishing the microflora ecosystem will help you feel healthier, happier, more balanced.

Promotes […]

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Wintery Stew

To use up the last of some vegetables, I made this savory Winter stew.

Cauliflower is packed with vitamin C
Mushrooms are great for the immune system
Pungency of leek and spices aid in throwing off early cold symptoms
Greens are packed with vitamin K, A, and C folate, and calcium
Garbanzo beans lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar
Cauliflower, greens […]

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The Process of Healing

Healing is a process. Nothing in life moves forever forward in a straight line. There are ups and downs and setbacks and forward leaps. Acupuncture can be part of your healing process. Individuals respond Continue reading

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Cranberry Memories

The American superfood
My days of concocting in the kitchen began in preschool. I remember taking turns with classmates shaking a milk carton until it became butter for us to slather on saltines, but the recipe that stuck with me was cranberry relish.
Cranberry relish. My pride beamed every year with my contribution to the family Thanksgiving […]

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