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Cultured veggies

On a whim a couple months ago, I decided to offer a class on fermented foods. Of all the topics I could speak on from stress reduction, energy work, positive thinking, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, essential oils…you get the picture…I chose the most obscure topic.
It has turned out to be the best topic as well. […]

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Autumn Classes! Fermented Foods in the Kitchen

[ October 9, 2010; 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. November 6, 2010; 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. ] What have you been looking for? An easy detox, improved digestion, more stable mood, greater energy?
Join me in the kitchen and I will teach you how to accomplish this and more!
Kefir is chock full of probiotics-all the good bacteria your digestive tract needs. Much of your immune system and serotonin production is housed in your […]

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Gazpacho Memories

The humidity of this current summer has called for some cool creative cooking or uncooking as the case may be. I have lived off salad greens with homemade dressings, smoothies, and gazpacho.
This last batch of gazpacho took me back East to my days in Boston. The summers I spent there weren’t unbearable, but I would […]

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What’s Bugging You?

Do you experience any nagging repetitive thoughts? Run through past events over and over with alternative dialog? Seem to be stuck in negative emotions or complaining? Something’s bugging you!
These mental and emotional tendencies are what I like to call mental and emotional parasites – mentally repeating events or hanging onto destructive emotions and thoughts is […]

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Green Smoothies

I’ve been on an adventure of green smoothies and of fruits from faraway places, and I’m returning to share a few recipes and a bit more of my current adventure! First, here are a few smoothies. Blend one up, sit back and read. I try everything once, take what I like, and make it my […]

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Blend and Ferment

Some people have buffet style religious beliefs I have buffet style detox beliefs! Or so it seems to be the case this summer. I started with an herbal colon and liver cleanse without altering diet; the herbs didn’t agree with my colon though it still was detoxifying (see post from June). Since I […]

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All Systems Go!

Even though it was June, it was a little late in the season when I began my Spring cleanse – a colon cleanse, liver cleanse and blood and lymph cleanse – though a little later than I generally begin and it would be a 4.5 week process. The series was suggested by a colleague and […]

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Seasonal changes affect everyone on some level. Our responses to the shift, thanks to being an individual, can be varied, subtle or frustrating. Some of us know the seasons are shifting by our allergies and others by a change in sleep patterns or changes in energy or moods.
Wood is the element associated with spring. We […]

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Entering the New Year or a new season inspires some to clean up not just their closets, but their bodies as well. Detox isn’t a set protocol. What one visualizes as a cleanse is very different than what someone else is doing. There are simple ways that aren’t time-intensive or life-changing.
You can add packaged detox […]

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