Raw Food and Me

I don’t know what to think. When I take a look at what I eat, what I like to eat, what I crave from time to time, what I eat when stressed I eat pretty well. Despite having participated in a nearly 3 week cleanse, of which I don’t know what the benefits would be because I received the supplements by second person, I’ve noticed nothing other than a heightened sensitivity to espresso (sacrilege) and yellow eye flecks are gone and my eyes are super green. So I guess there’s been some cleansing of my liver. My only other physical malady still exists so I guess a cleanse doesn’t affect it. One of the supplements was not continued because it did not have a cleansing effect. Ahem.

Anyhoo, I stayed off sugar except for one night of a handful of peanut m&ms and a cookie. Ok fine I had a cookie a week later too. No wheat, yeast, potatoes, caffeine, beans, and whatever else I was to avoid. I didn’t lose any weight either. Huh.

Now I am one week into three months of raw food. I don’t eat much differently than the raw food way – less sauerkraut, a little bit of meat, and some warm veggies. Still to my shock, I haven’t lost an ounce. I would like to say this is not my ultimate goal but I have a dual interest in losing a good portion of what accumulated the last couple years and increasing my vibration.

Everything has a vibration – food, rocks, people, etc. Higher vibration foods are plant based vegetables and fruits and sea veggies. Lower vibration foods are grains, carbs, root vegetables, and meat.

Even in Chinese Medicine theory the Earth element – Spleen and Stomach – relates to Sweet flavor (which is grains, gluten and, in modern day, sugar). When one is more of an Earth person, he or she is grounded. A balanced grounded is a good thing; if the element is blocked or overpowering, then the vibration is low low low and that’s not a good thing. So when we eat veggies only and drink only water we are resonating with that high vibration. We resonate with the vibration of what we eat. I know I have said it before and you’ve heard it before – we are what we eat. So I am trying to raise my vibration by eating raw whole foods and drinking loads of water.

So far, I’m tired earlier in the evening than usual, not so great at multitasking, and mildly craving sweet flavor now and then. I know this could be the dying off of bad bacteria in the body and it’s not as severe as when I was on the candida diet. Then I felt like an addict, attempting to satiate my craving with unsweetened almond milk and raw carob or cocoa powder. I wouldn’t allow myself to eat fruit, dried fruit or agave nectar. It worked and soon I could care less about pizza and sugar.

The only other thing I notice is I really want something warm. Though Chicago has experienced unseasonable warmth this last week, I am still spending my nights with a mug of tea and looking forward to a cup of hot miso soup. Raw food isn’t the way of life for me, but I want to see what it will do in the short term. If I like the results I can always become a raw chef and incorporate that into my usual way of eating.

This way of eating, so I have been told and I have witnessed it in others, will benefit me in clarity and working in my field as I hone my knowledge of energy and vibration. Stay tuned.

I get my raw meals right now from Cousins Incredible Vitality. They offer monthly packages of meals and occasionally have specials. I split my plan with a friend because it was a significant amount of food and money. After trying everything I received, it is completely worth the price and more.

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3 Responses to Raw Food and Me

  1. Vijay says:

    Yee Haw!! Kudos to you. I am totally not interested in any fast food joints either. Except when I driveby, I do a window shopping(or something similar to it).

    Lately, not sure whether the things outside of me, or inside is creating all these stuff to surface. Anyways, hope your enjoying your friday. I feel tired, eventhough I made BuckWheat-Ragi-Cornflour Dosa with Coconut Chutney, and Sambar.

  2. Delara says:

    i always learn so much when i read your blog. thank you for that!

    i’m about to start a cleanse. it’s kind of a january ritual – a way to reset each year. i’m looking forward to it!

    i checked out the cousin’s iv site, and i was wondering if you pick up the food or if they deliver it to you. it wasn’t clear to me on the site (which i found a little confusing) and it’s too late at night to call them, so i thought i’d ask you first. he!

  3. l.rae says:

    hey delara,
    you pick up food from cousins. not so convenient via bus and bus and bus with a large box of food! i’ll write a detox entry soon.