Wellness & Health in Lincoln Park

I have exciting news to share with you! I am spreading my practice east to Lincoln Park and am accepting a limited number of patients. You can join me in a cozy room in Partners in Wellness at 1967 N. Dayton. The office is just 1 block west of Halsted and and just around the corner from Armitage.

If you’ve been looking for assistance on your path to wellness & health for your physical body and your emotional and mental self, call me today to chat about what we can achieve together.

773 805 1216 surfacingwellness at gmail dot com

Male & Female Fertility Emotional concerns Depression Anxiety Insomnia Stress Fatigue Autoimmunity Menstrual & Hormonal imbalance Respiratory Dietary and Gastro-intestinal issues

Lisa is National Board Certified and a State Licensed Oriental Medicine practitioner with advanced training in fertility & women’s health and emotional/psychospiritual treatment.