Cultivating Energy

Last week, a few friends and I attended a weekend Qigong workshop. If that weren’t enough, green smoothies and food healing were on the agenda. I was sold.

Qigong, a system of self healing encompassing gentle movements, breathing, and meditative practices, was part of my master’s in Oriental Medicine curriculum. The workshop refreshed the movements I learned in school. This time, I understood and could perform the movements better/more fluidly. Qigong works and to be honest I don’t exactly understand it and I’m ok with that. I’m a pretty accepting person. I believe “Each to his or her own”. And, I will try just about anything without question, well sometimes with a slight raise to the eyebrow.

I didn’t feel the energy flow during the class way back in school, but I did experience symptoms of cultivating energy. The world was much more vivid when I left class, I experienced amazing clarity, and I was wide awake all night energized. Not the best use of energy, but still yes it works. In the workshop I experienced the presence, the density, the movement of energy emanating from my hands and moving within my body. It was a remarkable feeling to know where I had blockages and which side was more receptive. And, yes, I was wide awake at night for 3 days and the exercise prompted other physical symptoms of flow as well. I recommend engaging in qigong exercises only in the morning. It will provide the clarity and alertness  you need all day instead of all night!

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